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Kava capsules

What are kava capsules, in simple terms it is a tablet or pill that contains the kava lactones we find in the kava. The kava capsules are normally extracts of kava roots and not kava leaves or stem. It is sometimes mixed and blended with other various herbal supplements but should be labelled on the packages what other herbs are included.


People who suffer from various disorders ranging from anxiety, insomnia and other similar or related disorders are prescribed to take one kava capsule per day, a word of precaution kava capsules are not recommended to be taken with alcohol or along any form of strong drugs but detailed prescriptions for individuals should be approved from certified medical practitioners or pharmacists.


You may be asking in the back of your head what is the kava effect. The effect of kava can be felt immediately after you have your first dose of kava or sometimes in a prolonged peaking process. You will feel a whole relaxation, muscles relaxed, your body will become ease not to a very extent where you feel numb but a natural relaxed feeling with calm and less tense, you could put it in another way a gentle energetic excitement.

The kava effect will be felt depending on the quality and quantity of the kava lactones present, and some people feel the effect more from the kava juice while others get that effect more from the kava capsules and other kava supplements.

Some people prefer to take kava capsules just to escape the taste of kava one experiences when drinking kava juice. The taste for kava for first timers can be a minor issue just because one feels numbness in the tongue but you improve once you get used to the taste. This is where kava capsules come in handy when you do not taste that much kava but get the most kava effects.


You could buy kava capsules anywhere from your local pharmacy stores or order and buy from online merchants shops like this amazon associates shop. There are a number of supplements around and you could get one form of kava supplements widely know as the Good Night RX which was formulated by Ray Sahelian M.D .

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