Kava dosage - how much or what kava dosage is recomended

There are variations when it comes to definitions for words/expressions/terms and one particular term I would like to elaborate upon is the term dosage. Dosage could be defined as " a measured quantity for a particular substance". Dosage is normally being referred to in scenarios where someone is being given a measured amount of a certain substance at a given period and it could be in a form of food or liquid.

Kava dosage

Kava dosage can be explained in terms as the quantity of raw kava extracts before being mixed or the quantity of kava extracts already contained in a mixture. A mixture in this phrase is the kava substance being mixed with water please read on here how to mix kava.
There are various species of kava and some contain more kavalactones than others, Kavalactones contain psychoactive components and it (kavalactone) is the substance which makes you get the kava effects (relaxation, calm, sleepy, gentle, sometimes numbness on the lips).Species of kava that contain a high quantity of kavalactones are normally considered to be quality kava which leads to the question, how much or what kava dosage is recommended?

The answer to this would be it will depend on the quality of kava , if you consume a kava which is already contained in a mixture it is good practice to take one dose (normally one cup/ one shell) and wait for 10 - 15 minutes to observe the effect, an earlier effect say less than 10 minutes means the kavalactones present in the kava is high or it is a high quality kava. The prolongness of the kava effect will indicate the quality, how long you feel the effects of kava. If however you do not feel the kava effect you can continue to your second dose and do the same process, wait and observe the kava effect, these process can be repeated.

DISCLAIMER this is not a medical advice or prescription , further medical advice should be given by a certified medical practitioner/GP/Pharmacist.