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Kava can treat Anxiety

Kava can treat anxiety, yes that is a very bold statement but quite true. Firstly we should identify anxiety, what is anxiety and what are its kinds.

Anxiety is basically an emotional disorder one experiences when encountered by different situations and environments. It can be general anxiety disorder when someone worries alot or in other words stress, depressions, phobias which is the emotional feeling of extreeme cases of being afraid i.e afraid of spiders, snakes. Another form of anxiety is obsessive compulsive disorder, unwanted thoughts panic attacks, sleepless when thoughts fill your mind and you are unable to rest/sleep.

What kava can do to help treat certain anxiety forms are by reducing the stress and depression level to a minimum with carm and relaxation. Kava treatment for anxiety has been studied [1] and re-searched by health experts for some time now and have proofed to be working out although some critics critisize that kava can lead to liver damage there has been recent studies [2] that proof otherwise. Critics can argue that kava can cause liver damage but what proof can there be, kava has been consumed daily by Pacific islanders for hundreds of years and there has been no statisics to proof the arguemnet of kava .

There was a study [3] carried out by some german re-searchers trying to find out if kava can cure anxiety. The study of kava was done along-side another method which was the placebo effect method. How the outcomes were measured each patient was measured on a anxiety scale called the hamilton anxiety scale. The level of their anxiety was measured before and after the treatment which lasted for 6 months. Patients which were taking kava extracts both with patients who were submerged to the placebo treatments delivered the results sucessfully all 101 of them. The results in principal summarise that those subjected to kava treatment for the whole 6 months period peformed better than the others in the placebo category, the readings on the hamilton anxiety scale reduced to a low reading which proves that kava works for anxiety. This is just one of the many researches that proof kava can treat anxiety.

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