Kava dosage - how much or what kava dosage is recomended

There are variations when it comes to definitions for words/expressions/terms and one particular term I would like to elaborate upon is the term dosage. Dosage could be defined as " a measured quantity for a particular substance". Dosage is normally being referred to in scenarios where someone is being given a measured amount of a certain substance at a given period and it could be in a form of food or liquid.

Kava dosage

Kava dosage can be explained in terms as the quantity of raw kava extracts before being mixed or the quantity of kava extracts already contained in a mixture. A mixture in this phrase is the kava substance being mixed with water please read on here how to mix kava.
There are various species of kava and some contain more kavalactones than others, Kavalactones contain psychoactive components and it (kavalactone) is the substance which makes you get the kava effects (relaxation, calm, sleepy, gentle, sometimes numbness on the lips).Species of kava that contain a high quantity of kavalactones are normally considered to be quality kava which leads to the question, how much or what kava dosage is recommended?

The answer to this would be it will depend on the quality of kava , if you consume a kava which is already contained in a mixture it is good practice to take one dose (normally one cup/ one shell) and wait for 10 - 15 minutes to observe the effect, an earlier effect say less than 10 minutes means the kavalactones present in the kava is high or it is a high quality kava. The prolongness of the kava effect will indicate the quality, how long you feel the effects of kava. If however you do not feel the kava effect you can continue to your second dose and do the same process, wait and observe the kava effect, these process can be repeated.

DISCLAIMER this is not a medical advice or prescription , further medical advice should be given by a certified medical practitioner/GP/Pharmacist.

Where and how to order and buy kava online

Once you are convinced that yes kava can cure my anxiety problems or you just want to try out kava as an alternative source for relaxation or for any other means and do not know where to go and start with doubtful questions start running through your head like where should I order my kava supplements/products from? Will the kava products I order be genuine? Will I not be scammed by some online crooks posing to be a legitimate supplier? If those questions start to come out don't listen to them and think this is the end you wont get any kava supplements I suggest you sit back and relax.

Here is your answer,

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Happy kava.

Kava plant

Incase you have not seen what a kava plant looks like I have attached this image.You will notice there are different ways of planting kava in this part of the world. Here kava is being planted amoung other cash crop plants such as taro.

Kava plants normally grow from a period ranging from 3 - 5 years before ready for harvest.  It has been observed by kava growers and kava exporters that the best period to harvest kava is after 3 years but no later than 5 years , the kava will grow very big and look healthy but the quality of the liquid kava will diminish as it grows older than this period.
In Vanuatu there are many species of kava and I cannot estimate the exact number of kava species. The kava species here most are for drinking and the rest people consider them to be for decorative purposes which means it is not for drinking. The plant can grow up to 2 meters long and sometimes it is being trimmed. Normal height of most kava species found around in Vanuatu can grow up to 1.5 metres.
There are diseases that can affect the healthiness of a kava plant some common ones are chinese rose beetle or scientifically the disease name (Adoretus sinicus) where the rose beetle greedily eat and punch holes on the leaf of the kava plant. Mexican leafroller or (Amorbia emigraletta) is another disease which attacks the poor kava plant on the leaf. A proper inspection on the plants could reveal the culprits (rose beetle/ants/insects) therefore sometimes it is advised to use pesticides on extreem cases.

Kava capsules

What are kava capsules, in simple terms it is a tablet or pill that contains the kava lactones we find in the kava. The kava capsules are normally extracts of kava roots and not kava leaves or stem. It is sometimes mixed and blended with other various herbal supplements but should be labelled on the packages what other herbs are included.


People who suffer from various disorders ranging from anxiety, insomnia and other similar or related disorders are prescribed to take one kava capsule per day, a word of precaution kava capsules are not recommended to be taken with alcohol or along any form of strong drugs but detailed prescriptions for individuals should be approved from certified medical practitioners or pharmacists.


You may be asking in the back of your head what is the kava effect. The effect of kava can be felt immediately after you have your first dose of kava or sometimes in a prolonged peaking process. You will feel a whole relaxation, muscles relaxed, your body will become ease not to a very extent where you feel numb but a natural relaxed feeling with calm and less tense, you could put it in another way a gentle energetic excitement.

The kava effect will be felt depending on the quality and quantity of the kava lactones present, and some people feel the effect more from the kava juice while others get that effect more from the kava capsules and other kava supplements.

Some people prefer to take kava capsules just to escape the taste of kava one experiences when drinking kava juice. The taste for kava for first timers can be a minor issue just because one feels numbness in the tongue but you improve once you get used to the taste. This is where kava capsules come in handy when you do not taste that much kava but get the most kava effects.


You could buy kava capsules anywhere from your local pharmacy stores or order and buy from online merchants shops like this amazon associates shop. There are a number of supplements around and you could get one form of kava supplements widely know as the Good Night RX which was formulated by Ray Sahelian M.D .

Kava can treat Anxiety

Kava can treat anxiety, yes that is a very bold statement but quite true. Firstly we should identify anxiety, what is anxiety and what are its kinds.

Anxiety is basically an emotional disorder one experiences when encountered by different situations and environments. It can be general anxiety disorder when someone worries alot or in other words stress, depressions, phobias which is the emotional feeling of extreeme cases of being afraid i.e afraid of spiders, snakes. Another form of anxiety is obsessive compulsive disorder, unwanted thoughts panic attacks, sleepless when thoughts fill your mind and you are unable to rest/sleep.

What kava can do to help treat certain anxiety forms are by reducing the stress and depression level to a minimum with carm and relaxation. Kava treatment for anxiety has been studied [1] and re-searched by health experts for some time now and have proofed to be working out although some critics critisize that kava can lead to liver damage there has been recent studies [2] that proof otherwise. Critics can argue that kava can cause liver damage but what proof can there be, kava has been consumed daily by Pacific islanders for hundreds of years and there has been no statisics to proof the arguemnet of kava .

There was a study [3] carried out by some german re-searchers trying to find out if kava can cure anxiety. The study of kava was done along-side another method which was the placebo effect method. How the outcomes were measured each patient was measured on a anxiety scale called the hamilton anxiety scale. The level of their anxiety was measured before and after the treatment which lasted for 6 months. Patients which were taking kava extracts both with patients who were submerged to the placebo treatments delivered the results sucessfully all 101 of them. The results in principal summarise that those subjected to kava treatment for the whole 6 months period peformed better than the others in the placebo category, the readings on the hamilton anxiety scale reduced to a low reading which proves that kava works for anxiety. This is just one of the many researches that proof kava can treat anxiety.

[1] study of kava for anxiety
[2] study kava is not toxic
[3] kava can treat anxiety

Prepare kava

Prepare kava juice the Vanuatu way

I am going to walk you through the basic process for preparing kava juice. It is quite simple and easy to prepare it. The things you will need in order for you to proceed are kava cuttings or normally the roots. You will be able to get them around the market house. The cuttings for kava are being sold in kilo gram therefore a kilo of the cuttings is being sold around 150 VT/ 1.59084 US$ per kilo. Check to see that the kava is fresh before you purchase it.

Here are some images of the kava cuttings

You will also need fresh clean drinking water to your wash your cuttings and also to mix with your mashed/grinded kava roots remember that the roots or cuttings will be grinded to be soft and easy for you to squeeze to abstract the kava juice.

After you buy the fresh kava cuttings/roots wash them thoroughly with clean water this is to take away the soil and dirt attached on the cuttings/roots then proceed by pealing of the thin layer of the kava skin. Normally there will be some parts of the cuttings which have little rots and dead skins, peal of the rots and dead skins because failing to do so sometimes causes the taste of the juice to be quite unpleasant. One thing to remember is not to over peal the cuttings as this takes away the useful parts where juices are stored at. However if the roots are too thin to peal it is proper to leave it as it is but wash the skin well.

In Vanuatu villages the root are being minced / grinded by stone or another method is kava cuttings are being placed inside a wooden bowl and a heavy wood will pound the cuttings inside the bowl until it is soft. In the urban centres of Vanuatu there are mincing machines where you can get your kava cuttings to and they will be minced making it quite easier especially for those have large kilos of cuttings eg 10 kilos of kava cuttings, normally this is the kava bars (nakamals) they each normally produce an average of 10 – 15 kilos of kava cuttings every day for consumption.

After the kava is being minced you can start the mixing process of minced kava and water. The ratio for you to mix should be 1 cup kava 3 cups water; this is the safe ratio because the Vanuatu kava is quite strong especially when this is your first time. Mix your kava according to the ratio above but this can vary for different people.

Mixing part
To mix the kava with water you will have to pour some water onto a dish /bowl. Get a strainer something like a cloth to filter the kava mix. Fill the strainer or cloth with the kava mix then dip the whole strainer with the kava into the water. While the strainer/cloth filled with minced kava is in the bowl filled with water squeeze it to extract the kava juice. You will have to repeat the dipping and squeezing until you finish the whole grinded / minced kava mix.

The final process is to filtering part. You will get a new clean filter usually a clean cloth, some people use to do the job. In Vanuatu normally people go to a retail store where clothes are sold and they purchase new petticoats to do this task, why petticoats because of its nylon like material it filters better than cloth. Place the petticoat over a clean dish then gently pour the kava juice which is mixed with water onto the dish which will be passed through the petticoat. The kava juice is now ready to be served and in most Pacific islands it is a tradition to serve kava on the clean coconut shells.

There you go cheers and happy kava !

Kava - what is kava ?

Kava is a crop that has been growing in some of the Pacific islands for more than 100 years ago. It is a crop that was and is still regarded as a very special crop. It is being planted for subsistence-farming and also for commercial farming purposes. In Vanuatu the local villagers plant kava in the islands and sell their kava plants once harvested to buyers in the towns (Port Vila / Luganville). The buyers then sell cuttings to kava bars in the towns. Cuttings are sold in the towns for an equivalent amount of 1.61117 USD per Kg. It can also be exported overseas to companies which buy sun dried kava cuttings. Quality dried cuttings are being sold for the equivalent of 10.7411 USD per Kg.

Why do they drink kava

The juice is taken during special traditional ceremonies, i.e. if there was a dispute between two locals the chief calls for a meeting at the nakamal, it is considered as the juice for reconciliation purposes. It washes all the disputes away deep into the calming waves of the ocean and eases you to forget the troubles. The juice can be taken at evenings to relief the hard day works in the gardens or in the towns the stress from the office works. It also is taken in ceremonies whenever there is a visitor in the village or in the house, a sign of good gesture.

The effects of kava can be summarised in one word “natural high”. It gives you a whole relaxation of your body from the head through the back muscles down to the muscles of your leg and feet. You feel totally relaxed and calm. When the effect takes its pace you will feel a sense of mild numb on your mouth. It is considered safe to rest for 10 – 15 minutes before the next sip of kava. The kava juice is served in dried clean coconut shells. The effect of kava can be felt within 2 – 5 minutes after consumption of the juice. In Vanuatu the kava is strong because it is believed the species of kava being planted borogu and melomelo most common kava species have a higher contents of kavalactone the core parts that make you feel the effect when consumed.

Kava juice is sometimes taken for health and medical reason. Some research and studies have shown it to be a good remedy for people with sleeping disorders, stress, insomnia and other more importantly recently it found to be a potential cure for ovarian cancer , leukemia and kava can also cure anxiety. Further readings about such researches can be found on the two links link one and link two.

In closing I would like to raise my point again that kava is a very good and best way to end a hard days work , good for realaxation and is good way to make new friends expcially in the kava bars (nakamals). I will continue with my next topic will be describing you how easy you can prepare kava juice.